Classic 2 & 3 Tube Floating Arm Fluorescents

Regarded by professional jewelers as the best bench lamps in the world, the Classic 2 & 3 Tube Floating Arm Fluorescents include 15 watt "daylight" bulbs that provide abundant light over a large work area. Master jewelers love them for the quality of light they provide for grading gems and creating jewelry while artists and writers appreciate their true color rendering capabilities and effectiveness in reducing eye strain. The Dazor "Floating-arm" technology also stands above that of other moving arm lamps on the market as it is easily positioned with a touch of the finger and its rugged construction has no exposed wires or springs.»


The only 3-tube fluorescent
light in the world! Image of flourescent light model 318A3.

Model 318A3
  • Light Source – These lights feature either 2 or 3 15-watt "day light" bulbs.
  • Arm – Dazor Classic "Floating Arm" with various reaches.
  • Bases – Weighted desk base, clamp, and IV-Pivot with optional floor stands.
  • Colors – Black, White, Almond, & Dove Gray
  • Warranty – 5 Year
  • Accessories – Plastic Shield

Dazor 2 & 3 Tube Models

Clamp Base flourescent light model 2134.
Clamp Base
IV-Pivot Base flourescent light model 2224A.
IV-Pivot Base
Desk Base flourescent light model 2324.
Desk Base
Two Tube Models
Model # Reach (in) Base
2124 33 Clamp
2134 43 Clamp
2224A 33 IV-Pivot
2234A 43 IV Pivot
2324 33 Desk
Three Tube Models
Model # Reach (in) Base
124A3 33 Clamp
134A3 43 Clamp
318A3 27 Desk
Icon of full spectrum light. 2 & 3 Tube Lights can also accommodate
Full Spectrum Bulbs.