20-watt Halogen Lights

Dazor's 20-watt halogen lights utilize a 2.5" diameter reflector head to produce a more concentrated beam of light than incandescents with a color that is closer to natural daylight. Their modern and attractive appearance makes them perfect for almost any home or office environment, but their rugged construction can withstand even the toughest industrial environments.


20-watt halogen light model 6330.
Model 6330
  • Light Source – The powerful 20-watt halogen bulb generates an intense, concentrated beam of light.
  • Arms – Models are available with both the Dazor Floating Arm and flexible gooseneck arms.
  • Bases – Our line of halogen lights features models on all types of bases: desk, clamp, magnet, and IV-Pivot models than can be affixed to Dazor floor stands and other mounting options.
  • Colors – Black & White
  • Warranty – 2-year warranty on electrical components and a 5-year warranty on mechanical operation.

20-Watt Halogen Light Models

Halogen lamp model 6004A.
Halogen lamp models 6124 and 6134.
6124 &
Halogen light model 6234A.
6224A &

Halogen lamp model 6324.
Dazor halogen lamp model 6930.
Dazor 20-watt halogen light model 6950.
Floating Arm Models
Model # Reach (in) Base
6124 28 Clamp
6134 38 Clamp
6224A 28 IV-Pivot
6234A 38 IV-Pivot
6324 28 Desk
Gooseneck Arm Models
Model # Reach (in) Base
6004A 34 IV-Pivot
6330 34 Desk
6930 34 Clamp
6950 31 Magnet