50-watt Halogen Lights

The 50-watt halogen produces a concentrated, superior light beam with an MR16 type bulb (included). Often used in industrial environments, these lights feature a 4.75" watertight head that resists cutting oils and coolants as well as a ventilating chamber that greatly reduces heat on the outer casing. Each unit has a swivel joint head along with an easy-grip handle that allows the user accurately position the light.


50-watt halogen lamp model 1150H.
Model 1150H
  • Light Source – The powerful 50-watt MR16 type halogen bulb generates an intense, concentrated light measuring approximately 970 footcandles at 12 inches.
  • Arms –
    • Models 1150H and 1151H utilize an adjustable arm for heavy duty use. The vibration resistant double arm design has two steel ball joints and a swivel joint to provide unlimited number of positions along with three tension control knobs to tighten the arm in position. The L-Shaped clamp can be screwed directly to the top or side of a machine, bench, or wall.
    • Models 1150HD and 1150H-MN utilize a short 8 arm with a swivel joint that rotates in three planes for an infinite variety of positions.
    • The 8HG models and the 1150H-B-DM-BK use the Dazor Floating Arm.
    • Models 6750, 6850, and 6855 have a flexible gooseneck arm.
  • Bases – Our line of halogen lights features models on all types of bases: desk, clamp, magnet, and IV-Pivot models than can be affixed to Dazor floor stands and other mounting options.
  • Colors – Black
  • Warranty – 2-year warranty on electrical components and a 5-year warranty on mechanical operation.

50-Watt Halogen Light Models

50-watt halogen lamp model 1150H-B-DM-BK.

Halogen light model 1150H.

Light model 1150HD.
Light model 6750.
50-watt halogen light model 1150H-MN.
Floating Arm Models
Model # Reach (in) Base
1150H-B-DM-BK 30 Desk
8HG-200 40 Clamp
8HG-300 40 IV-Pivot
Industrial Models
Model # Reach (in) Base
1150H 35 Clamp
1151H 24 Clamp
1150HD 8 Screw-Down
1150H-MN 8 Magnet
Gooseneck Arm Models
Model # Reach (in) Base
6750 28 IV-Pivot
6850 28 Clamp
6855 28 Magnet