Green Lights: A Bright Investment in the Environment

green lightsDazor and the EPA "Green Lights".
Dazor is a manufacturer "ALLY" in the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Lights program. As a Green Lights manufacturer Ally, Dazor promotes the upgrade to energy-efficient lighting for corporations across America.

Green Lights Allies are lighting manufacturers, service provides, and utilities who promote the environmental, economic, and quality benefits of energy-efficient lighting. Allies commit to upgrade their facilities with energy efficient systems, and to assist the EPA in developing the technical support program.

Green Lights PARTNERS are any U.S. businesses or organizations that commit to installing new lighting systems that maximize energy savings.


Green Lights
Dazor and the EPA "Green Lights"
The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Lighting
The Green Lights Process
Task Lighting: A simple and practical component of an energy-efficient lighting system
The EPA's Green Lights support program

For further information, contact:
Green Lights U.S. Envioronmental Protection Agency
401 M St., SW
Washington DC 20460

Green Lights Hotline:
Toll Free: (888) 782-7937
FAX: (202) 775-6680
24-Hour Faxback information: (202) 233-9659