Shields & Plugs

Dazor offers a variety of protective shields and other accessories.

Where the possibility exists that the bulb or tube could be broken, the Dazor Lamp Shield will help prevent that breakage. Most light bulbs can be broken so it is important to take the proper precautions to avoid injury. To purchase, please visit our online store.


Magnifier Bulb Shields
8MC-series (circline) shield (1408-30A) 8MC series circline shield for magnifier bulbs.
8MG-series shield (8SD100) 8MG series shield for magnifier bulbs.
8MR-series (STRETCH-VIEW) shield (8SD900-1) 8MR series Stretch-View shield for magnifier bulbs.


Lamp Shields
Two tube 15-watt shield (570-B)

Made of a Lexan product that removes UV light,
an important function when grading diamonds.
Two tube 15-watt lamp shield.


NEMA Hospital Grade Plug

NEMA hospital grade plug wired on nine feet of SJTO 3-conductor cord can be supplied on most models.
NEMA hospital grade plug.