Dazor Announces the New 15w T-6 Replacement Bulbs


Dazor is pleased to announce the introduction of the T-6 bulb. The features of this new bulb are:

* Direct drop-in replacement for the standard T-8 bulb in the Dazor two and three tube fixtures. Because of the drop-in compatibility, there is no need to retrofit the lampholders.

* The light output is up to 40% higher at a distance of twelve inches.

* 5900 Kelvin Temperature for highly accurate color perception.

* Better color rendering than the standard GE, Phillips or Osram T-8 bulbs for precise color matching.

* The sleek tube dimension allows for improved utilization of the reflector for a color rendering of 92 CRI.

* The T-6 gets 10,000 hours of life vs. 7,500 hours from the T-8 - this is a 33% increase in bulb life.

* Improved energy efficiency with the higher lumen per watt.

See the difference for yourself. Call Dazor Customer Service at 1-800-345-9103 and ask for your sample today! We know that when you compare the NEW T-6 bulb to the standard T-8 bulb, you too will be sold on its features and benefits.