The CoolCombo lamp is the advanced alternative to older "hot" incandescent combination lamps. It combines two colors of fluorescent light to achieve optimal balance for accurate color perception. Used extensively by dentists for color matching, the compact fluorescent 13 to 15-watt spiral bulb provides incandescent color that blends with a 22-watt daylight circline.


CoolCombo lamp model 8CB-500.
Model 8CB-500
  • Light Source – A compact spiral fluorescent 13 to 15-watt quad provides incandescent color to blend with a 22-watt daylight circline.
  • Arm – All models utilize the Dazor Contemporary Floating Arm that can be positioned with the touch of a finger and has no exposed wires or springs.
  • Bases – Desk base or clamp.
  • Colors – Black, White, Almond, Dove Grey
  • Warranty – 5 Year

Dazor CoolCombo Models

CoolCombo lamp model 8CB400.
CoolCombo lamp model 8CB450.
CoolCombo lamp model 8CB500.
CoolCombo Lamps
Model # Reach (in) Base
8CB400 26 Desk
8CB450 26 Clamp
8CB500 40 Clamp

UV Woods Light

Image of optional UV woods light for CoolCombo lamps.
The CoolCombo utilizes two fluorescent light sources and can be fitted with an optional UV Woods light for medical examination applications.