Flex Arm "Gooseneck" Lamps

Dazor Flexible Arm lamps feature a "gooseneck" body with a WIDE-BEAM reflector head that has an air-cooled ventilating chamber that keeps it comfortable to touch after long hours of use. The anodized aluminum inner reflector results in greater light output. Four models are available including our popular floor lamp that can be utilized with our pedestal or caster stands and a unique dimmer switch model.


Dazor Flex Arm "Gooseneck" Lamp model 1069.
Model 1069
  • Light Source – These light fixtures are approved for a 100-watt bulb although a 75-watt bulb (included) is recommended for cooler operation and longer life.
  • Arm – Flexible gooseneck arms. Model 1069A is designed for use as a medical exam light and its gooseneck arm has a durable plastic covering for easy cleaning.
  • Bases – Circular, weighted desk base, rectangular desk base with dimmer switch, clamp, or IV-Pivot Mount base that can be used with floor stands or other mounting options.
  • Colors – Black, White, Almond, Dove Grey (Model 1069 available in Black or White only and Model 1075 is available in all four colors plus Machine Grey.)
  • Warranty – 5 Year

Dazor Flex Arm Lamp Models

Flex Arm lamp model 1069A.
Flex Arm lamp model 1069-DM.
Flex Arm lamp model 1075.
Flex Arm Lamps
Model # Reach (in) Base
1069 26 Desk
1069-DM 26 Desk
1069A 38 IV-Pivot
1075 26 Clamp

Compact Fluorescent Light

Image of 15-watt screw-in compact flourescent light for flex arm lamps.
Flex Arm Lamps can also utilize a 15-watt screw in CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) that has the same output as a 75-watt incandescent, but generates less heat and requires less energy.