Contemporary "Floating Arm" Lamps

Initially designed to meet the critical standards of the medical and dental industries, Dazor's Contemporary "Floating Arm" exam lights utilize technology that stands above that of most other moveable arm lamps on the market. The lamp head contains a double wall, air-cooled reflector that ventilates heat from the bulb so the lamp remains comfortable to the touch while the innovative "floating arm" is easily positioned with a touch of the finger. The WIDE-BEAM reflector provides abundant light for a variety of examination tasks and a special anodized aluminum inner reflector protects against oxidation. The rugged construction includes a baked paint finish that resists cracks, scuffs, and fading to keep the lights looking good for years.


Floating Arm lamp model 603.
Model 603
  • Light Source – These light fixtures are approved for a 100-watt bulb although a 75-watt bulb is recommended for cooler operation and longer life.
  • Arm – Dazor Contemporary "Floating Arm" with reaches of 31" and 41" and no exposed wires or springs.
  • Bases – Clamp & IV-Pivot models that can be used in conjunction with Dazor floor stands and mounting options.
  • Colors – Black, White, Almond, and Dove Gray.
  • Warranty – 5 Year

Dazor Floating Arm Lamp Models

Floating arm lamp model 602.

604A with
caster stand
Floating arm lamp model 604A.
Floating Arm Lamps
Model # Reach (in) Base
602 31 Clamp
603 41 Clamp
604A 31 IV-Pivot
605A 41 IV-Pivot

NEMA Plugs

Image of NEMA plug for floating arm lamp models.
Hospital grade NEMA plugs are
available for these lights.