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If you are looking for the ultimate magnifier, look no further than the speckFINDER. With a magnification range from 1X to 40X, a generous 6.4" flat panel display, and four distinct lighting options, the speckFINDER represents the evolution of the common magnifier.

Like all Dazor magnifiers, the speckFINDER comes mounted on a workspace friendly articulating arm, but it also features a high resolution CCD camera for saving and documenting images and a multi-function mouse that allows the user to switch magnification properties at the touch of a button.

We have an entire web site dedicated to the speckFINDER Video Microscope. This site highlights all of the speckFINDER features and contains numerous videos and images on its operation.

Dazor also manufactures a line of traditional magnifers all featuring an articulating arm for hands-free viewing. Both hands are free to grasp an object and work on it. Whether you are using tools or holding a newspaper, hands-free viewing is easier. Your hands control the amount of light and magnification you require by adjusting distances between the object, the magnifying lens and your eyes.


SpeckFINDER Details

  • Magnification of 1X to 40X and beyond
  • Multi-function mouse control for zoom-in/out, positive/negative, mirror image, brightness/ sharpness, white balance, auto/manual focus, color/B&W and inversion. No Computer Required!
  • External Video Out for image capture, large screen demonstrations or video recording of procedures.
  • Lighting options include: LED Ring Light, Fluorescent Ring Light, Dual 20-watt Halogens and the "booster box" for looking into tight places.
  • High resolution, 6.5" flat panel TFT display, anti-glare coating, 640 x 480 pixels, with wide viewing angles of 160° H x 160° V.
  • High resolution CCD camera with 4 lens options and working distances of 3 to 9 inches.


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