Full Spectrum Lamps

Full spectrum lighting is defined as a light source that replicates natural sunlight. Historically, it has been used in artistic environments for determining correct color perception. Consequently, painters, graphic designers, and decorators have been using full spectrum lamps for decades to ensure perfect color matching.

Over the years, studies revealed that not only did this type of light allow people to see colors more accurately, but they were also often able to see details more clearly. Proponents of full spectrum lighting say that it also reduces glare, increases productivity, operates cooler, and increases feelings of well being due to the simulation of natural sunlight. In fact, some health professionals use it to treat a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Light bulbs are typically classified as "full spectrum" when they have a CRI (Color Rendering Index) above 90 and a Kelvin temperature around 5500K. Dazor offers optional full spectrum bulbs for nearly all of our fluorescent light fixtures and magnifying lamps.


Full spectrum lamp model 318A3.
Model 318A3

Any Dazor product that uses a 13-watt or 18-watt compact fluorescent, a 22-watt circline fluorescent (FC8T9), or a 15-watt fluorescent (F15T8) can accommodate a full-spectrum bulb that can be ordered separately to replace the lamp in an existing lamp.

Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

For task lights and magnifiers that can accommodate full spectrum lamp bulbs, please look for the following icons
within our site.

Image of 22-watt circline light bulb icon.
22 watt Circline

Image of 13 and 18-watt compact full spectrum light bulb icon.
13 watt and 18 watt Compact
Full Spectrum Bulbs

Image of 15-watt full spectrum light bulb icon.
15 watt Full Spectrum Bulb