Halogen Floor Lamps

Featuring a versatile IV-Pivot base, Dazor halogen lamps can be mounted on various floor stands and mounts to accommodate a wide variety of needs. Our line of halogen floor lamps features models with both our 20-watt and 50-watt lights.


Halogen floor lamp model 8HG-300.
Model 8HG-300
  • Light Source – Models are available with both 20-watt and 50-watt lights.
  • Arms – Models are available with both the Dazor Floating Arm or flexible gooseneck arms.
  • Bases – All of these model feature the IV-Pivot base that can be used in conjunction with Dazor's mounting options and floor stands.
  • Colors – 20-watt models are available in Black or White while 50-watt models are only available in Black.
  • Warranty – 2-year warranty on electrical components and a 5-year warranty on mechanical operation.

20-Watt Halogen Floor Lamps

Floor lamp model 6004A.
Halogen floor lamp model 6234A.
6234A &

50-Watt Halogen Floor Lamps

50-watt halogen floor lamp model 8HG-300.
Halogen floor lamp model 6750.
20-Watt Halogen Floor Lamps
Model # Arm Reach (in) Base
6004A Gooseneck 34 IV-Pivot
6224A Floating 28 IV-Pivot
6234A Floating 38 IV-Pivot
50-Watt Halogen Floor Lamps
Model # Arm Reach (in) Base
6750 Gooseneck 28 IV-Pivot
8HG-300 Floating 40 IV-Pivot