Halogen Lamps

Dazor offers 19 different styles of halogen lamps to meet the needs of many different markets. We have categorized these task lamps by both the power of the light (20-watt and 50-watt) and by function: desk lamp, floor lamp, or work light.


Dazor's 20-watt halogen lights utilize a 2.5" diameter reflector head to produce a more concentrated beam of light than incandescents. Their modern and attractive appearance makes them perfect for almost any home or office environment, but their rugged construction can withstand even the toughest industrial environments.
The powerful concentrated beam of light put out by our halogen lamps makes them ideal for reading, doing crafts, or any other task. Their attractive appearance will add to the aesthetics of almost any home or office environment, but they are durable enough for factory or medical environments as well.
The rugged construction of these lights allows them to handle even the toughest industrial environments. Vibration resistant adjustable arms and magnetic bases that can mount directly onto machines are key features of this line of lights designed especially for workshops and factories.
Dazor 50-watt halogen lights produce a concentrated, superior light beam with a powerful MR16 type bulb. Often used in industrial environments, these lights feature a 4.75" watertight head that resists cutting oils and coolants as well as a ventilating chamber that greatly reduces heat on the outer casing. Each unit has a swivel joint head along with an easy-grip handle that allows the user accurately position the light.
Numerous models featuring our versatile IV-Pivot base can be mounted onto pedestal or caster based floor stands and other mounts to accommodate a wide variety of needs. They are available with both our 20-watt and 50-watt lights.