Halogen Work Lamps

The rugged construction of Dazor's halogen lights allows them to handle even the toughest industrial environments. The watertight heads resist cutting oils and coolants and incorporate a ventilating chamber that greatly reduces the heat on the outer casing and provides a safer work environment. Vibration resistant adjustable arms and magnetic bases that can mount directly onto machines are key features of certain models.


Halogen work lamp model 1150H.
Model 1150H
  • Light Source – Models are available with both 20-watt and 50-watt lights.
  • Arms – The 1150H and 1151H models have vibration resistant, adjustable arms designed specifically for heavy duty use. The double arm design has two steel ball joints and a swivel joint to provide an unlimited number of positions. Other models are available with both the Dazor Floating Arm or flexible gooseneck arms.
  • Bases – Halogen work lights primarily feature clamp mounts or magnetic bases that can be affixed to walls, machines, or work benches near the area requiring light.
  • Colors – 20-watt models are available in Black or White while 50-watt models are only available in Black.
  • Warranty – 2-year warranty on electrical components and a 5-year warranty on mechanical operation.

20-Watt Halogen Work Lamps

Halogen work lamp model 6930.
Work lamp model 6950.
Work lamp models 6124 and 6134.
6124 &

50-Watt Halogen Work Lamps

Work lamp model 1150HD.
Halogen work lamp model 8HG-200.
Halogen work lamp model 6850.
20-Watt Halogen Work Lamps
Model # Arm Reach (in) Base
6930 Gooseneck 34 Clamp
6950 Gooseneck 31 Magnet
6124 Floating 28 Clamp
6134 Floating 38 Clamp
50-Watt Halogen Work Lamps
Model # Arm Reach (in) Base
1150H Adjustable 35 Clamp
1151H Adjustable 24 Clamp
1150HD Swivel Joint 8 Screw Down
1150H-MN Swivel Joint 8 Magnet
6850 Gooseneck 28 Clamp
6855 Gooseneck 28 Magnet
8HG-200 Floating 40 Clamp