Hands Free Magnification

The primary benefit of using a hands free magnifier is that it allows one to grasp an object and not worry about holding a magnifier or light. When using an illuminated magnifier on an adjustable arm like the Dazor "Floating-arm", one can easily hold a fully spread newspaper with both hands. For tasks that require the user to work with both hands (such as cross stitching or fly tying), hands free magnifiers are essential.

Choosing the right model requires some investigation as there is a trade off between the magnification and the working distance (or focal length) for each particular magnifier. For the most part, people wanting hands free magnification opt for 3- or 5- diopter models that have a focal length from 8" to 13".

More information on choosing the right magnifier.

The Dazor "Floating-arm" is one of the reasons that our magnifiers are the best in the world. You can literally position the light source and lens with the touch of a finger. There are no exposed springs or wires and the arm is constructed of all-metal channels that interlock for added strength.