Incandescent Lamps

Incandescent lamps are what most people think of when they think of a traditional light bulb. Inside a glass housing, electricity heats up a wire filament, causing it to glow and give off light. Although one of the least efficient forms of lighting, incandescent bulbs are inexpensive to purchase, produce a nice warm color, and work well with dimmers. Dazor offers three line of incandescent lights to accommodate the industrial, medical, and home/office markets.


  • Air Cooled Ventilation Chambers – Because incandescent bulbs tend to generate a lot of heat, all Dazor incandescent lamps are designed with air cooled ventilation chambers to keep them cool to the touch.
  • Wide Range of Choices – Incandescent bulbs are readily available in a wide variety of temperatures, wattages, sizes, and styles.
  • Low Initial Cost – While the long term cost of incandescent bulbs can get expensive due to their relatively short life span, their cost per unit remains the lowest of all bulbs or tubes.
  • Dimmable – Since the amount of electricity being utilized affects the strength of the light output, incandescent lighting is ideal for areas that require dimming options.
  • Flexible – All Dazor incandescent lamps can accommodate screw in compact fluorescent bulbs if required for energy saving or other reasons.