Industrial & Electronics Task Lights

When it comes to working on electronics, fractions of an inch can make all the difference. Many electronics, industrial and quality-control professionals of all types have found the "floating arm" technology of Dazor's lamps to be an integral part of their toolbox. The construction of Dazor's task lights offers exact positioning of the light source at the touch of a finger and remains there. Coupled with the energy efficiency of fluorescent lighting, these task lights can actually improve the quality of work and decrease mistakes.


Adjustable Arm (Machine) Lights

  • Heavy Duty Construction – Rugged industrial construction for heavy duty use. The double arm design has two steel ball joints and a
    swivel joint to provide an almost unlimited number of positions.
  • Cool Operating Temperatures – More than 90 percent of the energy produced by incandescent lights can be heat, not light. By contrast the cool operating temperatures, varied selection of light colors, and long operating life make fluorescent lighting one of the most popular forms of residential and commercial lighting.
  • Varied Selection of Light Color – Fluorescent lights are phosphor-coated glass tubes filled with an inert gas and a small amount of mercury. By using different mixes of gases inside, fluorescents can produce a wide assortment of color light from full spectrum to those that match the warm glow of incandescents.
  • Long Operating Life – Fluorescent tubes last 10 to 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs with average lives of approximately 10,000 hours.


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