LED Lamps

Dazor’s high power LED desk lamps represent an outstanding improvement over other LED powered lamps on the market. Our use of advanced technology coats the core boards with a ceramic material that naturally dissipates the heat so no noisy and irritating fans are needed. Further, the light pattern from Dazor’s LED luminaire is diffuse and color consistent and UV wavelength has been eliminated from the LED light spectrum. The phosphorous coating used in the powerful 1-watt LEDs produces a single, white light. No striping, patterns of illumination “blotches,” nor color distortion are present in the pattern of illumination.

The LED desk lamps come mounted on Dazor’s patented floating arm with either a clamp or weighted desk base as well as a Flex Arm model with a clamp base.

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UV Free LED's

Image of flourescent light model 318A3.
Model LED1324DB
  • Light Source – High Power LED
  • Arm – Dazor Classic "Floating
  • Bases – Weighted desk base or clamp.
  • Colors – Black & White

LED Light Models

Clamp Base flourescent light model 2134.
IV-Pivot Base flourescent light model 2224A.
Desk Base flourescent light model 2324.
Floating Arm Models
Model # Reach (in) Base
LED1324CM 24 Clamp
LED1334CM 34 Clamp
LED1324DM 24 Desk
Flex Arm Model
Model # Reach (in) Base
LED1322CFMA 22 Clamp