Lighted Magnifiers

Dazor has been designing and manufacturing world class lighted magnifiers since 1950. From our Flex line of economy magnifying lamps to the technologically advanced speckFINDER video microscope, Dazor is proud to offer one of the most complete lines of magnifiers on the market. All of our magnifiers are backed by a 5 Year Warranty on electrical and mechanical operation. They have been the choice of professionals and consumers for over half a century.

For help in determining what model will fit your needs, please visit our section on How to Choose a Lighted Magnifier or look for more information in our FAQ section.


Our best selling line of magnifiers, the 22-watt circline fluorescent tube casts an even circle of white light, while the 5-inch diameter lens is precision ground, crown optical glass for near-zero light refraction and dispersion. It has a power of three diopters to make objects appear 75% larger than actual size.
Designed for inspection tasks that require the precise discrimination of details found in the variations of an object's surface, these magnifiers cast light at an angle so that one can inspect variations in surface depth and other irregularities.
Specialty magnifiers featuring extremely high powered lenses, rugged moving arms, and ESD safe housings.


speckFINDER HD® technology completely integrates the technologies of high quality optics, digital cameras, LED lighting, glass displays, personal computing electronics, and mechanics, to produce a workstation- friendly computer video microscope.
Wide view rectangular magnifiers featuring a crown optical glass lens with an enlarged 6.75" x 4.25" viewing area and 18-watt compact fluorescent bulb that generates 130 foot candles at 15" above the plane.
Value priced magnifiers featuring 5 inch diameter glass lenses, fluorescent lights, and flexible gooseneck arms for easy maneuverability.
Perfect for a multitude of applications, the Illuminated Handheld Magnifier uses an 18W T5 circline fluorescent full spectrum bulb. Featuring a 3.5" 5-diopter lens, it is made of optical grade, distortion free glass. The instant-on, flicker free bulb has an estimated life of 8,000 hours.


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