Mounting Options for Dazor Lamps & Magnifiers

Dazor offers a full line of mounting options for IV Pivot base lights and magnifiers including our HANGTIGHT™ mounting system for workstation wall partitions. Dazor mounts are available in our online store.


Metal cast dual clamp base package for mounting Dazor lamps.
Metal Cast Dual Clamp Base Package (7100-093)
All metal dual clamp base for an IV Pivot light or magnifier.
Dazor model 7100-075 for clamping to horizontal surfaces.
Plastic Horizontal Surface Clamp
Dual Clamp mounting prevents the base from moving and twisting off of a horizontal surface. This clamp is used exclusively for Dazor 8ML series magnifiers.
Dazor model 7100-060 can be used as a wall mount or a tabletop bracket.
Wall Mount or Tabletop Bracket
The main purpose of this bracket is to vertically mount it to a sturdy, permanent wall. This bracket can also be mounted with screws to a tabletop in a horizontal or sloped position.
Dazor model 7100-100 tabletop bushing mount.
Tabletop Bushing Mount
Metal bushing for use with holes drilled into tabletops.
Dazor model 7100-08 for clamping to a sloped surface.
Clamp to a Sloped Surface
Adjustable, dual clamp base mounts on sloped surfaces. The clamp can be placed on the right, left, or backside of a tilted tabletop and adjustments are made swiftly with the comfortable, easy-to-grasp knob.
Wall mount bracket for Dazor lamps.
Wall Mount Bracket
This bracket is a great alternative wall mount for gooseneck arm or for one of the World-Lite models.
Free-up valuable desktop space by mounting Dazor task lights on workstation wall partitions. Easy-to-install brackets slip into partition slotted channels. Standard 1/2" IV-pivots on Dazor task lights fit into the bracket.