Reading Magnifiers

While any Dazor magnifying lamp can be used for reading, one of our more popular reading magnifiers is our professional Stretch View Line because of the expanded viewing area that it provides.

With their generous 6.75" by 4.25" magnifying lenses, our Stretch-View line of magnifiers is perfect for those looking for enhanced reading capabilities. The standard 3-diopter model provides 75% magnification and a comfortable focal length of 13 inches. This combined with the legendary Dazor "Floating-arm" makes the Stretch-View line of reading magnifiers the most advanced on the market.

The powerful 18-watt compact fluorescent light source provides 130 footcandles at 15 inches above the work surface. Since lighting and magnification are so related, this powerful lighting has the effect of reducing the requirements for magnification. With five mounting options to choose from including a pedestal stand and caster stand, visually challenged people can now comfortably read a newspaper in the comfort of their favorite chair.



Magnification Chart
% Magnification Diopter Focal Length Sample View
Normal Newsprint Image of newsprint without magnification.
+75% magnification 3-diopter lens Focal length of 13" Image of newsprint at +75% magnification.
+125% magnification 5-diopter lens Focal length of 8" Image of newsprint at +125% magnification.
+275% magnification 11-diopters (3-diopter lens plus ADD-A-LENS) Focal length of 3.75" Image of newsprint at +275% magnification.
+400% magnification 16-diopter lens system Focal length of 2.5" Image of newsprint at +400% magnification.