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Spectrowave™ Color Grading Cabinet

The new Spectrowave™ Color Grading Cabinet by Dazor combines a traditional, northern daylight fluorescent- bulb grading box with a short-and-long wave ultra-violet (UV) fluorescence detection box, into a single grading cabinet for professional gemologists to grade diamonds, gemstones or pearls, consistently anywhere in the world. The traditional unfiltered daylight fluorescent bulbs have a spectrum which produces a constant standard illumination containing a portion of UV energy corresponding to that of natural daylight. Diamonds, gemstones and pearls can be graded in this energy environment, or under the influence of visible spectrum alone by hand-installing an anti-UV polycarbonate filter opaque to wavelengths below 390 nanometers. Additionally, Spectrowave™ has an optically diffused, dimmable solid state light engine which emits a smooth 5000K white light having no UV energy which may also be used to grade in the visible spectrum only. By removing the optical diffuser, the LED engine provides an excellent illumination tool

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Model: GC-100


  • 2x F6T5 6500K Northern Daylight Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Polycarbonate anti-UV Filter for Fluorescent Bulbs (installable by hand)
  • 8x 1-Watt 5000K Solid State Light Emitters (LED) with advanced optical diffusion (removable)
  • Variable LED intensity of 200-800 footcandles at 4” viewing distance
  • 1x F6T5 Shortwave UV bulb (254nm)
  • 1x F6T5 Longwave UV bulb (365nm)
  • UV Chamber fully lined with light absorbing black-out flock material
  • Independent user-control over each illumination source
  • Universal electronic ballasts for flicker-free viewing (100V—240V 50/60Hz)
  • Ballasts and AC/DC power converter housed internally; only 1 cord from unit to power outlet
  • Instant On/Off
  • Interior Dimensions: 10”L x 9”H x 10” W
  • Anti-reflection / Anti-glare matt white acrylic interior wall


  • Diamond Grading Tray provided for master stone comparison
  • White Maple, Mahogany, or Cherry side pads for user posture comfort
  • Heavy duty, soft, form-fitting protective storage cover
  • All SpectroWave™ Diamond Grading Cabinets are individually serialized for traceability
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty on All Parts
  • Annual Photometric Certification Program Available
  • Meets Accredited Gemologists Association diamond grading lighting standards