Dazor is proud to manufacture an extensive selection of task lights and desk lamps to meet a wide variety of applications. For more information on each series, simply clink on the image.


Regarded by professional jewelers as the best bench lamps in the world, the Classic 2 & 3 Tube Floating Arm Fluorescents include 15 watt "daylight" bulbs that provide abundant light over a large work area.
Designed for industrial heavy duty use in manfacturing plants and workshops, these lights feature a double arm with mutliple tension control knobs to keep the light in place while significantly reducing vibration.
Dazor offers 19 different styles of halogen lamps that produce a highly concentrated beam of light with a color that is very close to natural daylight.
Dazor's line of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights represent the greatest technological breakthrough in modern day lighting with a light source that reproduces the exceptional qualities of sunlight better than any other light.
Flexible Arm lamps feature a "gooseneck" body with a WIDE-BEAM reflector head that has an air-cooled ventilating chamber that keeps it comfortable to touch after long hours of use.
Initially designed to meet the critical standards of the medical and dental industries, Dazor's Contemporary "Floating Arm" exam lights utilize technology that stands above that of most other moveable arm lamps on the market.
The CoolCombo lamp combines two colors of fluorescent light to achieve optimal balance for accurate color perception.