speckFINDER logoHD Computer Video Microscope

If you are looking for the ultimate magnifier, look no further than the speckFINDER HD. With a magnification range from 5X to 90X, a generous 6.5" flat panel display with 1024 x 768 resolution, and a variety of lighting options, the speckFINDER HD represents the evolution of the common magnifier.

Like all Dazor magnifiers, the speckFINDER HD comes mounted on a workspace friendly articulating arm with a 360 degree range of motion, but it also features a high resolution scam camera for saving and modifying images, 3 USB outputs, 1 video output and the Windows XP Operating System. 

We have an entire web site dedicated to the speckFINDER HD Computer Video Microscope. This site highlights all of the speckFINDER HD features and industry applications as well as numerous images on its operation.



speckFINDER Features

speckFINDER image capture and video.
Image Capture and Video

speckFINDER line of sight.
Line of Sight

speckFINDER compact design.
Compact Design