Green Lights

Green LightsGreen Lights is an innovative program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which encourages U.S. corporations to install energy-efficient lighting technologies. Using these technologies, energy consumption can be dramatically reduced while delivering the same or better quality lighting. Green Lights is a non-regulatory program. Corporations voluntarily become a Green Lights "Partner" by agreeing to upgrade with energy-efficient lighting wherever it is profitable, while maintaining or improving lighting quality.

Green Lights will produce multiple national benefits by addressing critical issues of energy efficiency, pollution prevention, and economic competitiveness. Corporations that make the commitment to Green Lights will profit by lowering their electricity bills, improving lighting quality, and increasing worker productivity. They will also reduce the air pollution caused by electricity generation, which includes carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides.

Energy Efficient LED Lights

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For further information, contact:
Green Lights U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
401 M St., SW
Washington DC 20460

Green Lights Hotline:
Toll Free: (888) 782-7937
FAX: (202) 775-6680
24-Hour Faxback Information: (202) 233-9659

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