LED Light Engine Design is Critical

Why LED Light Engine Design is Critical in Lighted Magnifiers used for Professional Close Proximity Viewing and Quality Control Inspection

By Stan Hogrebe, President, Dazor Lighting Solutions

LED lighting is rapidly replacing many traditional sources of artificial lighting in a wave of change that may be second only to Thomas Edison’s patent of the incandescent light bulb.

The acceleration of change is being fueled by continued technology advancements in LED efficiency, reduction in payback, and its commercial viability. Additionally, there are environmental and sustainability benefits compared to fluorescent and other legacy lighting technologies.  Governments around the world recognize these benefits and are incenting both production and consumption of energy-efficient lighting.  By converting to LED technology, the US would cut lighting electricity requirements by roughly 50%, or 10% of our total electricity consumption.  This would reduce energy demand and help close an efficient energy supply gap.

LED Magnifier Light Output Comparison

LED Board Layout Comparison

 LED Light Engine Design is Critical

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