Self Certification

Self Certification

Dazor’s exclusive recertification program is a renewal of the Certificate of Performance in order to provide verifiable evidence of your Spectrowave™ system’s lighting performance and consistency.  As part of this program, the energy emitted from Spectrowave™ illumination sources are spectrally measured, quantified and recorded on a new Certificate of Performance. Dazor recommends annual recertification of your Spectrowave™ Diamond Grading Cabinet.


Self Certification Process

Not all users will desire or have the opportunity to send their unit to Dazor for recertification.  In these cases, Dazor recommends that you perform an annual self-certification of your Spectrowave™ system.  Dazor offers a self-certification package which includes new bulbs (2x F6T5 6500°K fluorescent bulbs, a F6T5 365nm long wave UV-A bulb, and a F6T5 254nm short wave UV-C bulb), a new polycarbonate UV filter, and spectral data on the bulbs.

You can install the components of the recertification package, take energy measurements as necessary (see Photometer and UV Radiometer for further details), and re-post the current date to the Certificate of Performance provided with your original system purchase.


NOTE: The LED light engine can not be fully documented using this method. However, Dazor will certify consistent LED performance for 3 years from the date of purchase.

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