Dazor Expands International Distribution

St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  March 10, 2014.  

Dazor Expands International Distribution into Lichtenstein, Switzerland, and France

Dazor Lighting Solutions LLC extended its international reach recently, finalizing a distribution agreement and strategy with GGTL Laboratories.  Owned and operated by Thomas Hainschwang, Managing Director of Liechtenstein-based GEMLAB and Franck Notari, Managing Director of Switzerland-based GemTechLab, GGTL Laboratories is dedicated to scientific research serving the gemological trade with the highest level of expertise in testing of diamonds, colored stones and pearls.

Thomas Hainschwang and Franck Notari are both experienced and well respected multi-disciplinary gemologists.  Mr. Hainschwang's specializations are diamonds and colored diamonds, topics on which he published numerous scientific articles.  He is currently carrying on advanced research on colored diamonds with major scientific organizations.  Mr. Notari's specializations are colored gemstones, especially sapphire, ruby and emerald.  He has considerable experience in the identification of treatments and countries of origin.  He is a lecturer for the University Diploma on Gemology (D.U.G., Faculty of Nantes).

“Expanding international distribution into this territory with the distinguished scientific expertise of GGTL Laboratories is an important addition to Dazor’s global growth strategy,” said Stan Hogrebe, President of Dazor.  “There is strong demand in this territory for gemological and jewelry equipment known for quality, technology application, and standards compliance so our companies believe Dazor products will fill growing marketplace demand.  Of particular interest is Dazor’s innovative Spectrowave™ Grading and Presentation Cabinet which creates a quantified and certified lighting environment for global grading consistency.  Our new lines of high efficiency LED task light fixtures are also of strong interest given the European (and global) Community regulations for improved energy efficiency, reduction in waste for a cleaner environment, and overall efforts to reduce each individual citizen’s carbon footprint.”

GGTL - GEMLAB Laboratory                       GGTL-GemTechLab Laboratory
Gnetsch, 42                                                    4bis route des Jeunes
LI – 9496 Balzers                                           CH-1227 Les Acacias, Genève
LIECHTENSTEIN                                           SUISSE – SWITZERLAND 


Contact:  Emeline Bulut, Administrative assistant, emeline.bulut@ggtl-lab.org


The Accredited Gemologists Association is pleased to announce that Dr. Thomas Hainschwang is the recipient of the 2015 Antonio C. Bonanno Award for Excellence in Gemology
The Bonanno Award recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the gemological field. Recipients of the award are selected by a majority vote of the AGA membership.
Dr. Hainschwang is director of GGTL Laboratories, located in the European Principality of Liechtenstein. HeDr. Thomas Hainschwang earned his PhD at Nante University under the supervision of Dr. Emmanuel Fritsch, 2013 recipient of this prestigious award.
Thomas is recognized for his significant contributions to the field of gemology, among which his research on Type Ib diamonds had international   impact. Thomas’ contributions to gemological literature include more than 100 articles on various aspects of gemology and analytical instrumentation. AGA president Stuart Robertson noted, “At a rather young age, Dr. Hainschwang has already distinguished himself and made an enduring mark on the field of gemology. Take any one of his numerous studies concerning various aspects of natural, treated and laboratory grown diamonds, their features and phenomena, and it would stand alone as worthy of distinction. Yet with Thomas, we see a pattern of diligent investigation and desire to address the critical issues.”
Thomas has demonstrated a commitment to not only investigating these important issues but also making his findings available for peer review and publication. Thomas was instrumental in detecting and then informing the  trade immediately after his discovery that small natural pearls were being used as nuclei in an effort to create larger pearls that appeared to be, and were mistakenly identified by some labs, as natural pearls. This study was the subject of one of Thomas’ earliest presentations to the AGA.
Dr. Hainschwang makes his approach to gemology very clear—“A gemmological laboratory cannot claim to be scientific without applying rules prevalent in a scientific approach.” It is his adherence to these principles that has enabled Thomas to achieve a number of breakthroughs in identifying and addressing leading issues facing the gem trade today.
On learning that he was to receive the award, Thomas expressed his appreciation while noting, “I am honored to be included among this special group.” Previous winners of this prestigious award include: Dr. John Emmett,  Dr. Emmanuel Fritsch, Thom Underwood, Stuart Robertson, Richard Hughes, Christopher Smith, Dr. James Shigley, Shane McClure, Richard Drucker, Alan Jobbins, Antoinette Matlins, Dr. Henry Hanni, the late G. Robert Crowningshield, John Koivula, C. R. Beesley, and Alan Hodgkinson.
The Antonio C. Bonanno Award for Excellence in Gemology will be presented at AGA’s Gala Dinner Dance at the conclusion of its Tucson Conference, Wednesday, February 4, 2015, from 6:30 – 11:00 PM, at the Marriott University Park Hotel. For additional information or to attend the conference or gala, go to www.accreditedgemologists.org or call 619 501-5444.


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