Replacement Parts 

By utilizing a modular approach to to the design and assembly of our magnifiers, we make the components accessible and replaceable so each magnifier can be serviced by the user for years.

Modularity and Field Serviceability

Making components accessible and replaceable by the user is critical to servicing an LED magnifier for years. There is no benefit to the claim of 50,000+hours of LED lifetime if the entire fixture has to be thrown away when a single electronic component fails somewhere in the design and it cannot be accessed for replacement.

“Field service”. “Environmentally friendly”. “Sustainability”.

Each important terms that have to be backed up by product design.

Modularity and Field Serviceability

Components within a LED Lighted Magnifier that should be easily accessible and replaceable by the user:

Power Adapter

Converts AC to DC power for most LED designs. Should be located outside of the fixture with a barrel type connection.

Driver Board

Electronic components that forward the correct amount of current to the LEDs, based upon their type and layout. Some designs combine the LEDs and electronic components together for a “driver on board” design. If any component fails before the LED, the entire engine fails.

LED Board

If separated from driver components and properly thermally managed among other variables, LEDs will likely last their rated life.


Powers unit on/off and/or may provide dimming capability depending on design.

For field serviceability, components must not be soldered together.

Rather, use of quick disconnects allows users to access and replace components should the need arise. The following is an example:

Components Example

In combination with a high quality mechanical fixture, an LED light engine designed with modularity for field serviceability, the full benefit of a 50,000 hour LED lifetime can be realized.

LED Board

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