Much research exists describing the impact of the visual quality of the work environment in laboratories on worker comfort, health, and productivity. The appropriate design of lighting systems is critically important in laboratories given the intensity and significance of the work along with the long work hours spent by researchers and technicians on detailed tasks. In addition, the lighting intensity and energy in laboratories is up to twice that of other indoor office spaces.

Various types of tasks carried out in a laboratory often have different lighting requirements. Separating task and ambient lighting allows for greater user flexibility and energy efficiency. The articulating-arm task lighting solutions offered by Dazor allow maximum flexibility and a personalized fit for every individual’s unique visual needs. The amount and location of illumination is controlled by the user and can be easily adjusted as necessary. This is especially important in laboratories in which the work surfaces may be at various heights. And, if necessary, Dazor fixtures can be easily moved from one work station to another. The impact of individualized control over lighting improves workstation ergonomics by reducing user eyestrain and visual fatigue. As a consequence, productivity, accuracy and repeatability are each improved.

By comparison to articulated-arm task lighting, heat generated from direct-mount under-cabinet type lighting may limit the ability to store certain chemicals on shelves directly above the light. Under-cabinet task lights also require that the space below the task light be free of clutter and objects that could potentially block the light. There is very little user control with under-cabinet lighting and therefore this solution may be less desirable to the laboratory researcher.

Higher energy efficiency and lower laboratory operating cost is achieved by reducing general ambient light levels and ensuring that proper task lights are available to each individual. Dazor offers a variety of lighting technologies in its laboratory task lights including the highest efficacy LEDs available on the market today.These fixtures consume very little power, last up to 10 times longer than fluorescent lamps, and do not have the environmental disposal concerns associated with mercury-based light bulbs. Dazor’s LED light engines are dimmable, allowing even further user control over their individual visual needs for differing tasks and times throughout the workday. When fluorescent lighting technology is desired, Dazor fixtures incorporate energy efficient electronic ballasts and lamps designed with the highest color rendering available.

Dazor’s Vario™ line of laboratory lights includes direct-indirect task lighting fixtures and over the work surface suspended luminaires. Direct-indirect fixtures harvest a certain percentage of the light upwards and the remainder downwards, thereby providing both ambient lighting and direct-to-the-task lighting. These technically sophisticated fluorescent fixtures are equipped with HF-ballasts providing instant start and flicker free operation, while producing absolutely glare-free illumination by use of a parabolic louver system designed specifically for light sensitive areas.

Dazor’s lighted magnifiers include the highest quality distortion free optics available on the market, multiple options for magnification power requirements, shielded bulbs, full spectrum white light with high color rendering, and reliability over time with frequent daily use.

Dazor manufacturing is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Our designs are time tested and produced with quality craftsmanship at an attractive price. We pay attention to the details and stand behind our products with a 5 year warranty and outstanding customer service. Dazor fixtures are UL and cUL listed and comply with CE standards. Our laboratory task lights and lighted magnifiers are available in virtually every international electrical configuration for shipment anywhere in the world.


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