Case Study - Manufacturing Company

The Client & Situation

A third generation sheet metal fabrication company located in a 70,000 square foot facility outside St. Louis, Missouri.  The facility utilized equipment ranging from small punch presses to multi-million dollar lasers and was lit by ineffective high bay, metal halide lights that required too much energy and too much maintenance.

The Objectives

  • Improve light levels throughout the facility.
  • Reduce energy costs by seeking a minimum of 50% reduction in lighting energy spend.
  • Maximize utility rebate dollars.

The Solution

After the facility audit, the Dazor team met with the company owner and production supervisors to create a customized retrofit solution featuring its best-in-class, high efficiency (167lm) high bay VG-2 fixtures.

The Dazor team then retrofitted three buildings with LED lights, including a re-design of the lighting for highly critical production areas. 

The Results

The end result of the project was excellent.  The new lighting...

  • Improved light levels by 60%.
  • Reduced annual energy consumption by 143,000 kWh.
  • Saved 58% in annual lighting energy spend.
  • Eliminated the need for costly maintenance and labor.
  • Maximized the utility rebate; 14% of total project costs.

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