Low Vision

Staying active, remaining independent, and making life easier are each possible with the selection of low-vision lighting products and magnifiers from Dazor. We manufacture a large selection of task lights and lighted magnifiers so you can choose the right product for your individual vision needs. It’s also important that the lighting fixture or magnifier be a proper fit within your home. Whether on the kitchen table or desk, right next to your favorite chair, or even at your bedside, Dazor offers high quality fixtures to meet you every need. Dazor lights were designed for use with a variety of base options allowing the lights to sit on a desk top, clamp to the edge of a table, or even mount to a rolling floor stand allowing you to freely move the fixture from room-to-room.

A precision quality optical glass lens – without distortion around the edges -- is essential to ensuring you’ll receive the clearest visual resolution possible. Many “low cost” magnifiers use plastic lenses in attempt to save money; however these lenses commonly produce optical aberrations, making viewing more frustrating. All Dazor lighted magnifiers use optically ground glass lenses. Our experienced customer service staff can also assist you in selecting a proper lens with the magnification power best suited for your specific vision situation.

Proper lighting is equally important as magnification in achieving an optimal viewing situation. A magnifying lens would be useless in the dark, so increasing light levels results in better vision. In fact, the better the quality of light used with a magnifying lens, the less magnification power is needed. When less magnification is required, the user has a bigger field of view and working distance under the lens. Therefore, the quality of light should be closely evaluated when choosing a lighted magnifier. After almost 80 years in the business, no one knows lighting more than Dazor. Our magnifiers are equipped with either daylight lighting for improved contrast viewing, full spectrum lighting for those wanting the best color rendering, or softer cool white lighting for the best viewing of skin tones.

Almost all Dazor low vision task lights and lighted magnifiers are designed for hands free operation. It is much easier to have both hands free to grasp an object and not worry about holding a magnifier or light. When using a lighted magnifier mounted on an adjustable-arm or gooseneck, you are able to hold a fully spread newspaper with both hands. If your task requires working with both hands, such as cross-stitch or reading a book, having a hands-free magnifier is essential.

The price of a Dazor lighted magnifier or task light varies depending upon the type of light, magnification power, and mounting options. The most popular models and options cost about the same as a good pair of prescription eye glasses. The value of a quality lighted magnifier to a low vision spouse, parent, grandparent or friend, is the benefit it provides in restoring and maintaining their independence.

Dazor products are manufactured right here in St. Louis, Missouri. Our designs are time tested and produced with quality craftsmanship at a value price. We pay attention to the details and stand behind our products with outstanding customer service and warranty. Dazor fixtures are UL listed so you can be confident in the product safety.


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