Case Study - Large Industrial Facility

The Client

A large North American industrial facility, located on the west coast.

The Objective

  • Client wanted a complete overhaul of outdated lighting systems.
  • Client sought a minimum 50% reduction in lighting energy spend within a 3-month time period.

The Results

  • Dazor retrofitted over 1,200 fixtures.
  • Reduced annual energy consumption by 6.5 million kWh. Saved nearly $900,000 in annual lighting energy spend.
  • Repair teams are able to identify defects at a faster pace due to increased visibility.

The Feedback

  • "It worked so well the power company showed up twice because they thought their meter was broken."
  • "That's what's attractive about you guys: you do it all."
  • "We used fewer fixtures and we covered more area."

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