LED Office Troffer Retrofit Kit

LED Office Troffer Retrofit Kit

Sleek, versatile LED Office Troffer is ideal for indoor environments where presentation and visual comfort are at a premium. Quality steel construction is designed to maximize heat distribution and cool operation. The attractive molded diffuser provides uniform light distribution and a pleasing aesthetic appeal. Corporate offices, retail outlets, indoor galleries, and other high end installations use the LED Office Troffer to minimize energy consumption while improving their lighting environments.

  • Dimmable 1-10V
  • Warrantied in the USA
  • Toxin-Free Paint
  • Temperature Range: -40°C - 40°C
  • Weather Resistant Coating
  • Daylight Sensors
  • Backup Battery
  • Motion Sensors




Quality Workmanship


The LED Office Troffer is available in color temperatures of 4000K and 5000K. The luminaire’s 85+ CRI is ideal for professional indoor illumination, especially in environments requiring visual accuracy including office, design, manufacturing, or service.


The luminaire outputs at an excellent efficacy of 126 Lm/W or greater with THD <10%. 20W, 30W, and 40W units are available. The fixture’s has an excellent L70 lifespan rated for 156,000 hours. Input voltage is a standard 120-277VAC.


The LED Troffer’s discreet, low-profile frame is fitted from sheet metal, and uses an efficient polycarbonate lens. The frosted diffuser is used to enhance consistency of light distribution. The slim design allows for versatile placement of the luminaire, even when recessed mounting is not available. 


The LED Troffer can be recessed in any standard sized grid ceiling. In non-grid type ceilings, the fixture may be installed via surface mount. Because of the fixtures slim profile, both mounting solutions are easily incorporated into interior design solutions.

Sample Order: OTUS22-S-20W-4K-PE

Series Dimension Lens Wattage CCT Generation Options

OTUS = Recessed Troffer
(US Standard)

22 = 2x2
24 = 2x4

-S = Solo Troffer

-20= 20W
-30 = 30W
-40 = 40W

-35 = 3500K
-4K = 4000K
-5K = 5000K

-PE = Premium

LOD = Bi-Level Sensor
EOP = Office On/Off Sensor
EM = Emergency Backup Battery

Color Housing Lens Type Certification Warranty

Matte White

Sheet Metal
& PC Diffuser



10 Years

Performance Data

Part No. Watts (W) Input Voltage
Efficacy (Lm/W) Lumens(Lm) CRI CCT (K) PF THD L70 (Hours) Dimensions in Inches
OTUS22-20W 19.1 120-277 135 2700 85+ 4000 5000 >0.9 <10% 156,000 23.74*23.74*3.09
OTUS22-30W 30.5 120-277 135 4050 85+ 4000 5000 >0.9 <10% 156,000 23.74*23.74*3.09
OTUS22-40W 40.3 120-277 125 5000 85+ 4000 5000 >0.9 <10% 156,000 23.74*23.74*3.090
OTUS24-30W 30.0 120-277 135 4050 85+ 4000 5000 >0.9 <10% 156,000 23.74*23.74*3.09
OTUS24-40W 40.3 120-277 125 5000 85+ 4000 5000 >0.9 <10% 156,000 23.74*23.74*3.09




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