Case Study - Auto Assembly Plant

The Client

A large automotive manufacturer's North American factory, located on the east coast. The facility employs over 8,000 workers and spans over 9 million square feet.

The Objective

  • Client set a company-wide initiative to reduce resource consumption by 45%.
  • Factory locations around the world were called upon to effectively manage resources.
  • Client sought a minimum 50% reduction in lighting energy spend.

The Solution

After the facility audit, design, analysis, and recommendations, Dazor created a customized retrofit solution with best-in-class, high efficiency fixtures: the VG-2 and OC425W.

The Results

  • Dazor retrofitted over 4,200 fixtures.
  • Reduced annual energy consumption by 8 million kWh. Saved nearly $500,000 in annual lighting energy spend.
  • Long-lasting LED also eliminated the need for costly maintenance and labor.
  • Provided a simple, big step forward in reaching their goal of 45% reduction in resource consumption.
  Before After
Annual Energy Cost $656,191 $184,100
Annual Energy Usage 11,313,644 kWh 3,174,131 kWh
Annual Maintenance $17,545 $0
Total Annual Savings = $489,636

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