Choosing a Reputable LED Lighting Manufacturer

One of the most important elements to achieving success when you convert your facility to LED lighting is choosing the right LED fixture manufacturer.  The consequences of this decision can have a big impact. You want a manufacturer that first and foremast has a history of longevity, customer support, and reliability to stand behind their products and services.

7 Key Questions to Ask

  1. How long has the company been in business?
  2. Is the company's brand a trusted name?
  3. Where is the company and its manufacturing operations based?
  4. Does the company have any open product recalls?
  5. What's the largest project the company has completed?
  6. How well does the company understand lighting and its effects on performance and productivity.
  7. Can the company supply references from clients who had projects similar in size and scope to yours?

There are not necessarily right or wrong answers to these questions, but their answers will give you valuable insight into their stability, their experience, and how they successfully meet the needs of their customers.

By aligning yourself with a reputable, experienced LED lighting manufacturer and selecting the right LED fixture to suit your specific facility needs, you’ll be able to recover your investment into this sustainable, energy efficient technology in relatively short period of time. 


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