Magnifier FAQ

What is the relationship between light and magnification?

Proper lighting is equally important as magnification in achieving a good viewing situation. A magnifying lens would be useless in the dark, so increasing light levels result in better vision. In fact, the better the quality of light used with a magnifying lens, the less power is needed. When less magnification is required, the user has a bigger field of view and working distance under the lens. Therefore, the quality of light should be closely evaluated when choosing an illuminated magnifying lamp.

What is "field of view"?

The field of view is the size of the magnified area under the lens that is in focus. The field of view decreases as power increases. More powerful lenses make small details look big, but less of the total object is visible. There is a trade-off for the viewer who must decide between the size of the field of view and amount of magnification.

What is a "diopter"?

Diopter refers to the curvature of a lens. As the diopter increases, the lens becomes thicker and the curvature greater. As the curvature increases, light rays are redirected to fill a greater portion of the viewer's retina, which makes the object look bigger.

What is power?

Power refers to how much larger an object appears through the magnification lens. Power is typically indicated by an "X" such as 2X or 4X.

What is "focal length" and "viewing area"?

Focal length is the distance from the bottom of the lens to the object. The focal length decreases as magnification increases.

Viewing area is the size of the lens you are looking through, which also decreases with increased strength.

Model Series Diopter Focal Length Viewing Area
Circline Series 3 13 inches 5-inch circle
5 8 inches 5-inch circle
11 3.75 inches 3-inch circle
16 2.5 inches 3-inch circle
Hi-Lighter Series 3 13 inches 5-inch circle
5 8 inches 5-inch circle
Stretchview Series 3 13 inches 4.25 x 6.75 inch 
5 8 inches 3 x 5 inch
16 2.5 inches 3-inch circle

Which is the largest lens Dazor makes and what is the maximum magnification?

The largest glass lens Dazor offers is the 3-diopter Stretchview. The lens measures 6.75 inches by 4.25 inches and offers 1.75X magnification.

Can I purchase optional lenses?

Additional lenses with increasing magnification can be purchased for the magnifiers. They are very easy to change out and are more economical than buying a new magnifier. See magnifier lenses.

What colors do the lamps come in?

The magnifiers vary by model but many are available in black, white and dove gray.

Do I have to put the magnifying lamp together myself?

All of the magnifiers come preassembled. The bases for clamp base and floor stand models require some light assembly.

How easy is the magnifier to use?

The magnifiers are very easy to use. Simply turn on the light and pull the head towards you. Then put the object you are viewing under the lens.

What is the price range of the magnifiers?

The price depends on many factors such as the magnification power, arm type, light source, and mounting option.

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