"I wanted to send you a thank you from Texas on making quality products for 75 years. I recently pulled a rusted lamp out of my grandfathers old shop that he used as an engineer for Lockheed Martin. The lamp sat on his desk since the early 60's, and all the way through his career and eventual position as chief electrical engineer on the F-22 project. Unfortunately my grandfather has since passed, which was the reason for my acquisition of the lamp when packing up his things. I plugged the 50 year old lamp in, and sure enough it fired up. I've spent the last few weeks blasting and refinishing the lamp to save it, and give it a new lease on life. I just wanted to touch base and let you know that quality doesn't go unappreciated. I was quite pleased to see Dazor was still alive and well. It's nice to see a product far outlive reasonable expectations."

- CJ Shull, Texas

“We have at least 100-150 of these lamps and everyone loves them, we will most likely be ordering more.”

- Ferguson Integrated, St. Louis

“It is a pleasure working with such knowledgeable and competent professionals at Dazor. From my experience with other industries, the degree of hands on capability is more of the exception, rather than the rule. I can’t wait to integrate your LED lighting system into my project.

- George L, St. Louis

“Whenever I get an email from Dazor, I get very excited because I know you WILL take care of it quickly. I believe when I went to issue this request my exact words were, “I Love Dazor.”  I don’t say that very often about a lot of my suppliers.”

- Korinne V, St. Louis

“A big thank you for providing me with an excellent mag light for my Esthetics practice. The assembly instructions were simple and direct. The quality of the materials and smooth, gliding mechanisms of the unit are excellent.”

- Angela D, St. Louis

“It’s great to see a responsive manufacturer.

- Clay H, St. Louis

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