Whether in the dentist's office or remote laboratory, specialized lighting fixtures are vital tools to assist in proper patient care. The quality of light is fundamental to any dental light. Dazor dental lights and lighted magnifiers lights are designed with the needs of the dentist, CDT, and support staff in mind. High color rendering and correlated color temperature, proper light spread and intensity adjustment, glare control, and even the amount of emitted heat are each crucial characteristics of the light quality to properly match shades, identify details and diagnose tissue.

Dazor exam lights are easy to use, easy to clean, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Mounted on mobile or pedestal floor stands, or on a variety of other table or wall clamps, Dazor's time-tested articulating or goose-neck style arms are easily adjusted and hold position without drifting. The lamp head of Dazor fixtures are mounted to a universal joint allowing for virtually limitless rotation and direction of the light beam to the targeted area.

In addition to traditional halogen spot lighting, Dazor offers a complete line of LED dental examination lights. LED lighting technology has advanced to become a superior lighting alternative in today's exam lights, producing accurate and consistent white light at a desired 4000K color temperature without ultraviolet or infrared wavelengths.

Dental laboratory lights are used throughout all stages of the manufacturing processes from raw materials, impression inspection, PFM's, combinations, full casts, implants and components, to final restoration and inspection. Dazor laboratory lights are designed using the highest quality full spectrum white light with a high color rendering index and smooth, diffused illumination that's easy on the eyes. Dazor's Vario™ product line includes direct-indirect task lighting fixtures and over the work surface suspended luminaries. Direct-indirect fixtures harvest a certain percentage of the light upwards and the remainder downwards, thereby providing both ambient lighting and direct-to-the-task lighting. These technically sophisticated fluorescent fixtures are equipped with HF-ballasts providing low cost of operation, instant start and flicker free performance, while producing absolutely glare-free illumination by use of a parabolic louver system designed specifically for light sensitive areas.

Dazor's lighted magnifiers include the highest quality distortion free optics available on the market, multiple options for magnification power requirements, shielded bulbs, full spectrum white light with high color rendering, and reliability over time with frequent daily use.

With use of a Dazor dental laboratory light or lighted magnifier, technicians are able to increase work accuracy, repeatability and productivity while reducing personal eye strain and fatigue.

Dazor lights are manufactured in St. Louis. Our designs are time tested and produced with quality craftsmanship at an attractive price. We pay attention to the details and stand behind our products with a 5 year warranty and outstanding customer service. Dazor fixtures are UL and cUL listed and comply with CE standards. Our dental examination lights and lighted magnifiers are available in virtually every international electrical configuration for shipment anywhere in the world.


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