Legacy Task Lights

While most users and industries are moving to LEDs, we still manufacturer many of our traditional fluorescent, halogen and UV task lights. These rugged, time tested and proven task lights have unique benefits that still make them highly desirable for certain markets and applications.

Ideal for Lighting Large Spaces 

Fluorescent Task Lights

Dazor's 30W Fluorescent Series provides abundant light over a large work area.  These rugged, time tested and proven fluorescent light fixtures have been used in diverse professional work environments globally for decades.  Considered the "work-horses" in the Dazor Fluorescent Series of task lights.

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Fluorescent Task Light
Ideal Lighting for a Concentrated Bright Beam of Light

Halogen Task Lights

The Dazor 20W Halogen Series of task lights provide a more concentrated beam of light than standard incandescent bulbs.  The ideal exam and work light for medical, salon and industrial environments, or for anyone requiring a dependable, bright task light.

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Compact Fluorescent Task light
Ideal Lighting for Inspections with Applicable Products

UV Task Lights

Dazor's new 45W UV Series provides abundant 365nm UV light over a large work area with the benefits of a stylish and energy-efficient design.  Considered the perfect UV inspection light.

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