Say goodbye to limpy, squeaky arms that pinch

Floating Arm Technology

Dazor’s patented floating adjustable arm for smooth and easy positioning of the lamp to any position for a total reach of 31 inches. Dazor’s time-tested articulating arms are easily adjusted and hold position without drifting or bouncing. Competitors arms are not designed or manufactured with same quality; they don’t last, get limp, make noise, pinch hands.

Original Arm

Dazor's patented original floating adjustable arm can be used for smooth and easy positioning of the lamp to any position for a total reach of 31 inches.

Enclosed Arm

Enjoy all the same benefits of the Original Arm, but add an enclosed casing around the enclosed arm for added protection.  

Better Design Equals Better Performance

  • No Pinch Points
  • No External Springs
  • “Finger Touch” Control
  • Fully Encased for Easy Cleaning
  • Patented Counter Balanced-Spring
  • Holds Position without Drifting
No Pinch Points

Our Arms Are Safer

Not only are Dazor’s Floating Arms more functional and more durable, they are also much safer than the vast majority of arms on the market. See below how a typical arm made with exposed square tubing yields a design that causes multiple pinch points for users.

Dual square tube design results in multiple pinch points.

Anything between arm tubes will be pinched when retracted.

Actual pinch from competitor’s arm = personal safety hazard.

“Floating” Free of Noise

Our Arms are Quiet

The innovative design and construction of the Dazor “Floating Arm” has made it the arm of choice for radio operators throughout the world, the NYPD and more. It’s silent fluidity makes it ideal for operators that need to be heard clearly with minimal background noise, but it’s silent operation is a benefit for all.

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NYPD Representative

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