High Bay LED Light Fixtures

High Bay LED Light Fixtures

The Dazor High Bay LED Light Series redefines high and low bay lighting with distinctive aesthetics, extruded aluminum housings and exceptional optical performance at an affordable price. Multiple high lumen packages and mounting options provide design freedom for a wide variety of lighting applications. With higher CRI and superior energy savings, our unique designs provide superior color consistency and run cooler offering significantly longer lifetime efficacy.

Quality Workmanship

Innovative Design

Advanced thermal design reduces the operating temperature allowing the luminaire to perform more efficiently, extending its rated life and boosting performance.

Streamlined Installation

Easy-to-install, lightweight design reduces ceiling grid load and installs fast with minimal impact on operations.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

The Dazor High Bay is the industry leader for efficiency with the lowest total cost of ownership on the market today.

Extended LED Life

Low drive current, operating temperatures, and exceptional heat-sinking maximizes LED life.

Quick Playback

Due to energy savings, payback can be one year or less when retrofitting certain fluorescent and HID overhead fixtures.

Completely Quiet

Completely silent operation, unlike HID fixtures.

Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

Decreased interference with infrared remote controlled electronics and other electronics.

Flexible Cable Mount

Optional sturdy suspension cable allows for easy adjustability to suit individual installation constraints.

Extremely Efficient

Up to 70% less energy usage with up to 30% more illumination by replacing 175 to 1,000 watt HID fixtures.

Lighter Weight Than Most HID Fixtures

Single electrician installation saving installation costs.


CCT Length CRI Wattage Lumens Efficacy Suggested Height
4000k 4' 83 75 13000 168 8-18’
100 17000 168 8-20’
180 30000 168 15-35’
210 36000 168 20-40’
5000k 4' 83 75 13000 168 8-18’
100 17000 168 8-20’
180 30000 168 15-35’
210 36000 168 20-40’

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