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Dazor's complete line of task lights and lighted magnifiers have been the quality standard in the hobby and craft industry for decades.  Our lights are outfitted with the best in full spectrum lighting technology that provides high quality light for color accuracy that’s easy on your eyes.  We also have a full line of today’s   energy saving and dimmable LEDs lights that are designed to sharpen your awareness, keeping you energized and alert, and helping to improve concentration when enjoying your hobby for hours at a time. 

Unlike other lighted magnifiers, Dazor lighted magnifiers use precision quality optical glass lenses – without distortion around the edges -- to ensure you’ll receive the clearest resolution possible to see every detail with ease.  No more squinting, straining or feeling tired!!!  Many “low cost” magnifiers use plastic lenses in attempt to save money; however these lenses commonly produce optical aberrations, making viewing more frustrating.  Dazor lenses are easy to clean with common household agents and won’t smudge or streak.  And, our experienced customer service staff can also assist you in selecting a proper lens with the magnification power best suited for your specific vision situation.

It’s also important that the lighting fixture or magnifier be a proper fit within your home and hobby space.  Whether on a table or desk, right next to your favorite chair, in your workshop or next to your bed, Dazor offers high quality fixtures to meet your every need.  Dazor lights were designed for use with a variety of base options allowing the lights to sit on a table top, clamp to an edge, mount to a wall, or into a rolling floor stand to freely move the light from room-to-room.  We also have options with magnetic bases or metal plates to attach directly to a machine, table or any surface.  We have fixtures with long or short arm reaches to put the light exactly where you need it, no matter what your space requirement.

The price of a Dazor lighted magnifier or task light varies depending upon the type of light, magnification power, and mounting style.  But, the most popular models and options cost about the same as a good pair of prescription eye glasses. 

And unlike many competitor brands, our lights are manufactured right here in St. Louis, Missouri where we’ve been manufacturing for almost 80 years.  Our American made attention to detail and use of quality, environmentally friendly materials allow Dazor products to withstand years of repetitive daily use.  Unlike the world of technology today where a product is “outdated” 6 months after it’s sold and no longer serviceable, we support and service our products for many years after your purchase.  Our products were designed to be a permanent fixture in your home or workshop.  Even today, if at all possible, we can service our products manufactured as early as the 1940’s.  So if you ever need an extra part or just have a question, we are here to help you.  Our customer service staff is experienced, technically trained, and Midwest friendly.

Your Dazor light will become a trusted friend. One you can rely on.


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