Case Study - Paint Facility in Auto Assembly Plant

Dazor's custom retrofit lighting solution saves auto manufacturer over $6 million while reducing inspection time and improving throughput.

The Client & Situation

The in-house paint operation for one of the country’s largest auto assembly plants that was processing roughly 1,400 vehicles a day. The inspection team was struggling with inconsistent lighting caused by outdated and inconsistent fluorescent bulbs.

They wanted to transition to LED lights not only for their higher quality, more consistent light, but also for the cost and environmental benefits inherent in LED lighting.

The Challenges

  • The project involved approximately 4,500 fixtures.
  • Each fixture measured 4’ x 5’ and weighed approximately 80 lbs.
  • Downtime for the paint operation would need to be held to an absolute minimum.
  • Costs to replace the fixtures was going to exceed $10 million.

The Dazor Solution

Given the size, heavy weight and large number of fixtures involved, Dazor’s facility lighting team developed customized LED lighting and reflector kits that could be retrofitted more quickly and inexpensively into the existing fixtures.

The Results

By designing and installing custom retrofit kits to our client’s existing fixtures, the Dazor team was able to achieve the following results.

  • Save over $6 million in capital expenditures when compared with buying and installing new LED fixtures from the original supplier.
  • Helped reduce initial inspection errors from 32 to 3 - a 10X gain in efficiency.
  • Significantly increased throughput for the entire painting inspection operation.

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