Based on decades of real-world performance across a multitude of industries, the Dazor line of lighted magnifiers provides the precision vision that not only optimizes performance and productivity, but enhances worker comfort and happiness too.

The Dazor Difference

When you invest in a Dazor lighted magnifier, you’re investing in the best the world has to offer.

  • Magnifiers that combine better LED lighting technology with more intelligent design to provide the precision vision required for critical tasks.
  • Magnifiers featuring the revolutionary “floating arm” that maximizes comfort and productivity.
  • Magnifiers configured to your exact needs with multiple styles, lenses, arms and mounting options to ensure the perfect magnifying experience.

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Dazor’s Circline Magnifier is the ultimate tool for providing the perfect amount of magnification with abundant, shadow-free light.

Circline Lighted Magnifier

Stretch View

Dazor's Stretchview Magnifier is another multi-purpose magnifier featuring a wider viewing area that allows for more comfortable vision with both eyes and reduces eyestrain and fatigue.

Stretchview Lighted Magnifier


Dazor's Hi-Lighting Magnifier was specifically designed for applications that require  viewing details on uneven surfaces.

Hi-Lighting Lighted Magnifier


Dazor's innovative hand-held magnifiers combine superior optics and advanced lighting design in a compact and portable design.

LED Hand-Held Magnifier Series

UV-LED Light

Designed specifically for the inspecting of printed circuit boards, this magnifier features white daylight illumination for inspecting small details and long wave UV for inspecting applied conformal coating.

UV/White LED Stretchview


Dazor's CODA Digital Magnifier is the ergonomically-friendly alternative microscopes for applications requireing a high level of magnification.

CODA Digital Magnifiers

Options and Accessories

Dazor magnifiers can be configured to your exact needs with multiple arm, magnification and mounting options.

Better Color & Quality of Light

Developing a better inspection magnifier starts with using the right color and quality of light.  Our magnifiers use a blue/white LED light with a color rendering of index of 95 to provide our users with a high degree of visual discernment.

Diamond graders use this lighting because it produces the best environment to create contrast, see defects and perceive color the most precisely.  Plus, it improves productivity, promotes alertness and reduces eye fatigue.

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Professional Lighted Magnifiers

Better "Light Engine"

In addition to outfitting our magnifiers with the "correct" LED color and CRI, Dazor magnifiers also feature a superior "Light Engine" design.  

We utilize more LEDs, better diffusion and a more intelligently layout that eliminate the inspection challenges associated with multi-shadowing and hot spots to deliver a crisp, glare-free view.

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CODA Magnifier Chosen by Professionals

Modular Design for Enhanced Field Serviceability

In addition to being able to outfit your Dazor magnifiers with a variety of interchangeable bases, our designs feature components that are highly accessible and replaceable - allowing users to easily service the magnifier for years.

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Modular Design

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