OEM Solutions

Dazor works extensively with equipment manufacturers to supply solutions for their individual equipment needs.  Our solutions include our entire line of lighting products, and fully adjustable, articulating or gooseneck arm configurations.  Our lights are commonly attached to high-end chairs and tables in medical and other applications, and directly to equipment across multiple industries.  Our arms are used to hold devices such as cameras, splash guards, tools, instruments, and other items.

Our St. Louis-based engineers work directly with the OEM staff, quickly making any necessary modifications to properly fit within the OEM application.  This allows the OEM customer to remain focused on their core engineering and R&D tasks while procuring a reliable, low cost solution for their needs.  Through collaborative engineering and specialty mounting options, our fixtures and arms becomes a seamless, natural extension of your product.

As a further value added service, we will also private label our products for you without any added cost to the product, other than the direct costs of design, artwork and labeling.  Serialization is also available for product and carton labeling.  Minimum volume requirements may apply.

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