Dazor is pleased to offer the world’s finest selection of lighting solutions for your diamond grading, display, and bench needs. Our products are found in diamond bourses, manufacturing sites, in retail settings and gemological laboratories around the world. We incorporate lighting technologies that produce energy prescribed by global trade authorities including the GIA, CIBJO, and AGA.

Universally regarded by professional jewelers as the best bench lamps in the world, Dazor’s classic 2 & 3 bulb fluorescent fixtures include "northern daylight" bulbs that provide abundant standardized light over a large work area. Master jewelers and gemologist choose them for grading gemstones and creating jewelry while artisans and bench jewelers appreciate their true color rendering capabilities and effectiveness in reducing eye strain. The Dazor patented and time tested "floating-arm" technology stands above all other adjustable arm lamps on the market, as it positions the light perfectly with a touch of the finger for fabrication at the bench, grading or sorting. Its rugged, all metal construction has no exposed wires or springs and lasts for years without maintenance. Flexible gooseneck style arms are also available.

Increasingly, LEDs are becoming the future generation of quality, energy efficient lighting. This global trend is here to stay and over time, will impact the availability of traditional fluorescent lighting solutions. Dazor is leading the global task lighting market in the adoption and incorporation of this exciting technology into useful fixture solutions for the trade. But beware!! Not all LED lighting is created equal. Understanding industry needs in combination with technical engineering know how are vital to a properly designed LED light engine that will perform properly over time. In addition to our internal engineering expertise, the Dazor team works in close consultation with leading industry experts to ensure its LED solutions meet the everyday needs of discerning jewelers.

Fixture mounting is critical for directing the light precisely where you need it while minimizing the work space required for your lighting equipment. Dazor offers a wide range of mounting options to meet your individualized needs. These include sturdy weighted desk bases for table top use when grading or in client consultations, clamp mounts for the bench edge, direct mount into a horizontal surface, or the new “backsplash” mounting solution which are easily re-locatable and require no drilling or unwanted holes. Other options are available for wall mounting, direct mounting into equipment and floor stand mounting onto a mobile or pedestal style base.

The Spectrowave™ Display and Grading Cabinet is the all-in-one tool for professional jewelers and gemologists. This versatile tool is outfitted with industry standard northern daylight fluorescent bulbs for color grading, and short-and-long wave ultra-violet (UV) tubes for fluorescence grading. Spectrowave™ features an optically diffused, high brightness and dimmable LED light engine which emits a smooth 5000K white light, the perfect illumination source for visual cut grading and display. Spectrowave™ may be used with or without its optical diffusers. Each Spectrowave™ cabinet is photometrically certified by Dazor, so you can rest assure your lighting environment meets all industry lighting standards for color grading. A convenient and flexible lighting cabinet, Spectrowave™ allows professionals to grade, display and photograph diamonds, gemstones, or pearls consistently anywhere in the world.

Dazor’s lighted magnifiers include the highest quality distortion free optics available on the market, multiple options for magnification power requirements, shielded bulbs, full spectrum white light with high color rendering, and reliability over time with frequent daily use.

Dazor products are manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri. Our designs are time tested and produced with quality craftsmanship at a value price. We pay attention to the details and stand behind our products with outstanding customer service and warranty. Dazor fixtures are UL and cUL listed and comply with CE standards. Our products are available in virtually every international electrical configuration for shipment anywhere in the world.


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