8 Reasons to Convert Your Facility Lighting to LED

While the immediate cost savings companies realize from converting their legacy facility lighting to LED is significant, there are many reasons to make the conversion to LED now. Here are 8:

1. Better Working Environment

Multiple studies have found a significant correlation between light and worker productivity. In fact, OSHA recommends that a workplace be evaluated to improve insufficient lighting conditions that contribute to worker fatigue, can cause headaches and result in other unfavorable conditions that reduce productivity.  In addition to the science, common feedback from workers and operators after a Dazor LED lighting retrofit is, “now I can see what I’m doing!”

2. Lower Energy Costs

Lighting often represents about 15-35% of the energy cost for a typical factory, warehouse or commercial facility. Installing Dazor LED fixtures typically reduces energy costs related to lighting by 40% to 80%. 

3. Improved Sustainability

Making the switch to LED's not only helps your bottom line, it also helps the environment. As companies look to meet their sustainability objectives, converting your facility to LED lighting is the first, most cost efficient priority. 

  • LEDs use less energy, reducing electricity consumption and creating less demand on the grid.
  • LEDs last up to 10x longer than older technologies, so they minimize waste and maintenance costs. 
  • LEDs do not contain harmful substances like Mercury. 

4. Safer

Working with Dazor to upgrade to your facility to LED lighting leads to substantially improved lighting environment.  In turn, there are fewer warehouse accidents and injuries, improvements in production output and reductions in errors.

5. Consistent Light Quality

The design of Dazor LED fixtures allow for maximum useful life of its integrated LED technology. Our designs minimize thermal stress on LED diodes which minimizes any light degradation and color shifting over time. With metal halide and fluorescent technologies, light output decreases significantly over relatively short periods time and light color can change substantially. This increases maintenance and servicing, or worse yet, fixtures are just left to fail, and workplace lighting worsen. Dazor LED fixtures keep a minimum of 70% of their light output after 70,000 hours of use while maintaining color consistency through their life.

6. Limited Maintenance Costs

Properly designed and process controlled production of quality LED fixtures allows maximum lifetime of the underlying LED technology. Unlike almost all legacy lighting technologies, LEDs do not have a filament and do not have a glass housing.   Therefore, there are no bulbs or ballasts to change, no bulbs to break, and maintenance costs over time are limited. Converting your facility lighting to LED virtually eliminates lighting maintenance costs while keeping your lighting environment appealing over time.

7. Wide Selection of Light

Dazor LED lighting is available in a variety of color temperatures and wattages, making it easy to select a light source most appropriate for any interior or exterior area of your facility.

8. Environmentally Friendly 

LED diodes typically contain no elements that are harmful to the environment. 

Is it time to consider a change to LED?

The team at Dazor can help by doing a full scale audit of your installed lighting to assess current light levels, identify areas requiring additional lighting, and recommend highly efficient LED replacements that are most appropriate for each particular area within your operation. We will calculate your energy cost savings and return on investment.

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