Lighting plays a critical role in psychological health and the promotion of efficient learning. Creating the right lighting environment for learning is essential in any classroom or dormitory setting. Research has shown that a learning brain is properly stimulated by light when the proper lighting technology is employed. The objective of maximizing the exchange and retention of information is furthered when learning spaces are created that are comfortable for students and teachers alike, and are flexible enough to suit individual visual needs through individualized task lighting solutions.

Dazor task lighting fixtures are designed for virtually any student’s educational needs. Using the latest in full spectrum lighting technology, or highly efficient and energy savings LEDs, Dazor lights sharpen awareness, keep students energized and alert, and help improve concentration.

All fixtures are mounted on a flexible gooseneck or articulating-arm for ease of movement, allowing for almost infinite positioning allowing the light to be directed precisely where it’s needed. This is especially important when working on a computer or reading. A number of Dazor full spectrum fixtures were designed to minimize space and fit into small spaces.

Dazor lights save energy and reduce your carbon footprint by using one-fifth the energy of traditional bulbs. Our full spectrum bulbs last up to 10,000 hours resulting in fewer bulbs being manufactured and disposed of in landfills.

Dazor’s lighted magnifiers include the highest quality distortion free optics available on the market, multiple options for magnification power requirements, shielded bulbs, full spectrum white light with high color rendering, and reliability over time with frequent daily use.

Dazor is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Our designs are time tested and produced with quality craftsmanship at a value price. We pay attention to the details and stand behind our products with a 5 year warranty and outstanding customer service. Dazor fixtures are UL and cUL listed for safety.


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