Magnifier Components

With an extensive selection of "Floating Arms," multiple magnification options and a broad line of bases and mounts, Dazor magnifiers can be configured to your exact needs.

"Floating Arm" Technology

Dazor’s patented adjustable "Floating Arms" leads the industry for their smooth and easy positioning that improves worker comfort and productivity.  Available in two styles with reaches up to 43 inches, these time-tested articulating arms can be adjusted easily and hold their position without drifting or bouncing.

Dazor's "Floating Arms" truly outperform competitor's poorly designed and constructed arms that simply don’t last, get limp, make noise, and pinch hands.

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Dazor magnifiers feature magnifying lenses made from Crown-optical grade glass that provides clear, distortion free magnification.  Magnifiers can be configured with  3-diopter lenses that offer 1.75X magnification, all the way up to 16-diopter lenses that provide 5X magnification.

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Light and Magnification

Bases & Mounts

Dazor's sturdy, all metal bases provide universal options from surface mounts, clamp mounts, bushing mounts, adjustable mounts and wall mounts. Designed to be rugged, yet sturdy, there are multiple options to choose from while fitting your product. 

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Base Options

Parts and Accessories

By utilizing a modular approach to to the design and assembly of our magnifiers, we make the components accessible and replaceable so each magnifier can be serviced by the user for years.

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Parts and Accessories

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